Staging Training by Design is a training program, which will teach you, step -by- step, everything you need to know to start, grow and enjoy a flourishing career in Home Staging.  If you want to become a Home Stager and learn Home Staging from the comfort of your own home, you have come to the right place. We are small, personal, affordable and professional.

The classes cover:

  • Business aspects of Home Staging, everything from insurance to websites to contracts and SEO
  • Marketing you business-proven techniques
  • Design Principles from focal points, accessorizing, hanging artwork and furniture scale
  • Using color in Home Staging
  • Furniture layout and resources
  • Curb Appeal
  • Vignettes, Owner Occuppied Stagings, Vacant Home Staging
  • And much, much more…please see the “Signing Up” section for a complete course syllabus

What you get:

  • 18 hours of small personal webinar/conference call classes- limited to 10 participants
  • MP3 recordings of the classes
  • a mini e-book sent to you prior to each class (total of 9) chock full of notes, relevant links, photos etc
  • a free copy of my e-book Styled by Design, A Guide to the Design Principles of Home Staging
  • one on one mentoring
  • an invitation to get hands on experience at real staging job

Whether you are……

  • A seasoned professional Home Stager
  • Just considering a career in Home Staging
  • Want to learn more about Home Staging in general

…….you’ve come to the right place!




Allegra and participant Joanne Bechhoff on a job site.

Did you know that CNN and have named Home Staging “ the #1 job poised for growth” in the coming years?

The Real Estate Industry and the way people buy homes are changing forever.

Home Staging is becoming more important and more competitive; the best Home Stagers are poised to become very successful.


Introducing, a different approach to a Home Staging training program with an emphasis on the teachable principles of designing to sell; Staging Training by Design.

Allegra Dioguardi, Interior Designer and president of Styled and Sold Home Staging is now offering training and mentoring for aspiring and seasoned Home Stagers alike.

After 3 and half years of fielding requests from prospective Stagers asking me to recommend a Home Staging training program, I’ve decided to offer training myself. I have 27 years of experience designing homes to sell and 20 of those years I spent also teaching model home merchandisers. After years of trial and error, I devised a “system” to teach the principles of designing to sell that works! 

I am aware of all of the unscrupulous training programs out there that make empty promises and I believe there is a need for good training, on a more personal level, taught by an honest professional who knows how to stage a house. Now, I can feel comfortable recommending a training program!”

Read all about Allegra Dioguardi, Interior Designer, Home Stager, Teacher and Author here.

To read a personal letter Allegra wrote to her prospective students,
click here.

The approach my staging training classes will take will be different. Unlike some of the other staging trainers, I’m out there in the field every day and my work is fresh. After preparing homes to sell for years, staging is second nature to me and I’d like to share my experience with you. I understand the psychology behind designing to sell. I am happy to share everything I know about the business aspects, and that alone will save you a huge amount of time but, I can also actually teach you the design principles (which after 20 years as Senior Design Manager responsible for doing just that, I can promise you they ARE teachable) so that you can create beautiful interiors that will sell homes! When you graduate you will be armed with the vocabulary, the skills and you’ll be knowledgeable in the principles of designing to sell which will give you the added confidence to sell your services to clients. Don’t worry about previous experience or knowledge. The classes will be relaxed and you’ll be provided with all of the study materials you need.”



  • Are you an established Home Stager who would like a compassionate professional to bounce
    ideas off of? 

  • Are you ready to take your design skills to the next level?

  • Do you want your after photos to blow them away?



 I’ve been on a mission to raise the bar on the level of professionalism and effective staging techniques in the staging community and this seems the most direct way.  I am offering a complete training program as well as a boutique menu with a variety of options including “on site” job experience and one on one mentoring and coaching and I will make available the most effective method to teach design that I know of; brainstorming in the form of constructive and encouraging critiquing”.



The complete training course will be broken down into 3 modules; you can take them individually depending on your interests or at a reduced rate as a package. 

Each module will consist of three -2 hours classes for a total of nine classes. I will be limiting each class to 6 participants.

Participants will receive a copy of my e-book, Styled by Design- The Design Principles of Home Staging, upon signing up. Included in the book are room-by-room staging checklists, which are perfect for staging consultations.

Prior to each scheduled class you will receive an email (PDF) of class materials to review including photographs of actual staging jobs I’ve done that illustrate the points we will be discussing. You will also be provided with a phone number and password to join the teleconference class. Participants will have plenty of opportunity to ask questions if they wish. Teleseminar classes will be held on Tuesday and Thursday from 7 to 9 PM EST. They will be comprised of approximately one hour of tutorial and one hour of Q&A.

In addition to the teleseminar classes, for a limited time, for those participants who are enrolled in all three modules, I will include one full hour of private one on one mentoring, assistance or critiquing. Also, I will welcome all graduates to join me for hand on experience at a real staging job on Long Island*

 *Out of area students are welcome however, transportation and accommodations are not included. You may trade this time for an additional hour of mentoring, critiquing and assistance via photos/phone of any of your jobs.

“Most of the other staging training programs emphasize the business and marketing aspects of the job and they assume you have innate knowledge of design…and looking at staging portfolios out there, it shows.  The bar is being raised on the level of staging competency. There is so much JUNK out there, don’t miss the boat!”


Staging Training students getting practical experience



Graduates who complete all three modules will be certified and receive a diploma as having
successfully completed the Home Staging Training by Design program.

Join me! I promise it will be fun, chock full of good information and motivating!


For more information, please Email Allegra or call 631-899-3305

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